Design and Development

Marketing campaigns, talk radio publications and website creation for leadership and management training firm.

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I have done work for this company for all aspects of the web. As the lead designer and developer I have helped conceptualize all digital products from marketing campaigns to email promotions.

Email Campaign and Talk Radio Promotions

Weekly email episode campaign called Leadership Matters to go along side the talk radio weekly episodes. This project is to promote the clients talk radio show that airs weekly. Complete is marketing material with email promotion.

Leadership Matters - Talk Radio Landing Page
Email Marketing Sample

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Landing Pages and Marketing Campaigns

Multiple landing pages to support the business and promote workshops, training and employee events.

These are a few marketing landing pages created to promote workshops and events for registration and information.

Healing Hearts & Minds Academy
Leadership Academy
I C.A.R.E. Academy
Transformational Civic Leadership
Team Tune-Up

The Advance

This project was a different marketing campaign that was used to promote the Advance Academy for Leaders. I created a whole different website and domain, complete with email marketing and promotions.

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Email Campaign

We also created multiple email campaigns to promote the Advance event.

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