The San Diego Union-Tribune

From Graphic Designer to Interactive Manager

From 2008 to 2016 I was privileged and blessed to be part of a organization that helped me grow, learn and become the designer and developer I am today. I started off as a graphic and web designer creating banner ads and landing pages to managing lead of the Interactive Department composed of front-end and back-end developers. Showcased below is just a fraction of my contributions to the organization, from full large scale redesign of the main website to special projects and banner ad creations.

Although the website has now been through multiple transitions and designs, I wanted to showcase the work that I did when I was the manager of the Interactive design and development team and how I led the design and development working with front-end, back-end and system admin teams to create and build this website.

Full Redesign and Development

In 2015 I was tasked to do a full overhaul of Completed redesign using the latest framework and technology back then. Fully integrated with a CMS called Ellington, which is a news publishing specialized CMS.

Mock Up - Homepage Mock Up - Section Mock Up - Story


Responsive and Flexible

The site was built ensuring all device compatibility. This was a team effort so I implemented many processes to ensure the project stayed on schedule and within the budget.

App Design and Development

Other projects include one-off app design and mobile projects, ensuring all designs were fully responsive across the board. This was vital to ensure the CMS can communicate to all platforms.

Discover San Diego is a travel and lifestyle app for the iOS and Android platforms that I designed and prototyped. Although I didn't build and code the app (worked with 3rd party vendor to develop) I designed the UI and UX.

View on Apple Store


Samples of a couple of email campaigns for a daily newsletter tied to the CMS powering the main website and Discover SD entertainment promotion newsletter. No curation was needed and newsrooms simply pushed out newsletters with a push of a button.

SDUT Daily Newsletter

Discover SD, the entertainment brand of the Union-Tribune had multiple weekly emails go out promoting events and advertisement pieces.

DSD Insider Newsletter


In 2012-2016 The San Diego Union-Tribune launched a television station called UT-TV. The tv station aired live on broadcast tv and also on the SDUT website. I had the privilege to lead all digital designs and interface builds. It was my role to ensure the tv page was designed tastefully and optimized since we had a built in video player running advertisements.

UT Elections Coverage

During my tenure at the UT I always had a hand in the Elections coverage every year. Showcased below are some images of the work I did between multiple platforms. I would design and develop interfaces for the website, mobile and television graphics that UT-TV would use during live coverage. Complete with real time results feed via API and data from the Registrar of Voters.

Comin-Con San Diego

Every year I had the opportunity to design and develop landing pages and news section coverage of Comic-Con International. We always had special coverage and designs each year and I would work with the newsroom and marketing teams to create special coverage to match the theme of each event.

Junior Seau - Through The Years

This was a special one off project we created that went hand-in-hand with a special edition print product that was bundled with the Sunday edition of the newspaper. I created an interactive, dynamic and highly art directed piece for Junior Seau. With each click of the year the images and article would change.

Special Projects

Through out my career at The San Diego Union-Tribune I created multiple projects for advertising, marketing and the newsroom. Most of these projects were special in their own right and promoted may digital products or just giving users a unique story telling experience.

While many of these projects are no longer live and online, I wanted to showcase just a few screen shots of the kind of special projects I was involved in.