Logo Design

Design Contest

Logo design in 2009 when The San Diego Union-Tribune's website was named Sign On San Diego or SOSD.

This Vice President of Interactive at the San Diego Union-Tribune held a contest for employees for a new logo design. He wanted to rebrand the whole digital experience and was looking to create a new logo. My design won the contest and the logo was used throughout all digital platforms, websites, marketing, advertising and promotions.

Early Concepts and Designs

These were the first and second rounds of design ideas and concepts. I chose to use blue and orange colors to represent San Diego's sun and ocean water.

The Wave

While thinking about incorporating a symbol that would be iconic and recognizable, I wanted to use an icon in place of the "O" in the word "ON". Something that can be used on social media or something that brands the logo without any words. I went with the wave idea to represent San Diego's ocean and surf.

Font and colors confirmed

With colors and fonts approved and the idea of using a wave as the icon and symbol, I experimented with different designs and looks for the icon.

Shades of Blue

The sun icon, colors and fonts have all been confirmed. Now was the time to look at different shades of blue for the font color.

The Final

This was the contest winner. The final logo in a long but rewarding logo design process.